Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Parade in
On Saturday My nan and I went to the Parade in Panmure. First we went Shopping  in the Op shop. I found these book’s they were Sabrina’s secret, I now have 30 book’s of Sabrinas  secret’s. In them they have different things that she has On the show Sabrina the teenage witch. I bought this dress it is black and white whith a bow that you can tie up.

After I went to the house that my nana live’s in, she gave me the keys so that I can get into the house. When I got there I just Put them on the bench and then I had to go to the toilet. Then I went back to Glen Innes so that we didn’t have to carry them .

Then we went on the bus to go to Panmure  we went the long way round and then we got dropped of  at the bus station. I spotted the big long waka it is like a canoe that is big long boat with a maori design. I said to Nana “Wow wasn’t that waka the one at the G.I Parade?” She said “Yes it was and I think that it will be in all the Parade’s”.

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