Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My weekend

On Friday after school I saw my sister, Le’Shar she is 4 years old. She come running to me and I said where's mum and dad she said there and then I saw them I went with my sister to go to my parents we went of home when we got home I ask my mum if I can go play at the back of the house she said yes so I went to go  and play outside we played rolls, after that my mum said time to come inside for dinner we had meens stew with rice,after that my nan knocked at the door she said hurry up we got to go to a disco.

When we got into the car her friend Evelyn had her grand daughter Zarnia, when we got to my nans house Zarnia had to have a shower because she just got back from school 5 Minutes  after that we were on our way to go to her school for the disco you only had to pay gold coin.

There were drinks and glow in the dark sticks and lights and there orange flavoured and ice blocks and also cakes.

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