Thursday, 6 June 2013

The man who went to discover Antartcica

Once there lived a man who was traveling to the  coldest place in the world to see what it would look like so one day morning he packed his bags and went to the airport I am going to Antarctica he said to himself I  to see what it will be like he said to his friend jacob bue jacob bue sam .

So then he was on his way on the plane he went he waved just in case ,soon they were up up and away in the clouds hhhhaaaarrrryy he said I am going to see what it would be like in Antarctica  wooohhhoo .Then he got of the plane .

I want to come back again he said so he traveled around Antarctica He felt terrified about being there because he only had a tent , blow up bed and warm clothes on him when he was tired he put everything down and made his bed and went to sleep he said to himself what a day I had today.

Tomorrow it will be a extreme day because I want to try and discover where the animals live around here ,so of he went to discover around Antarctica  when he found were the animals all live .He thought to himself about taking some photos of them and so he ,He stayed for three day’s ,and on the last day he went home ,when he went home he told his friend next time I go you should come with me.