Thursday, 31 October 2013

This is an unedited work about a plane

Sally is the mum of Milly , Marshall and John is the husband ,so they are one big family and they have a dog named mikey.One day there parents went of to bue very strange tickets that were a surprise for all of them because it was John and Marshall birthday.
Marshall “ said Milly you forgot to get dad , “I know said  Marshall” his busy with mum helping her pack our stuff said Marshall. I need to go and tell dad something because it is important for him to know ,
Milly said if you go can i have a turn on your laptop ,Yes said Marshall,go ahead and have a turn but do not do anything md all else your well get in big ,big trouble.But as soon as he left milly she didn’t know what she wanted to go on .But when she found something to go on she said to herself i want to go on paint ,so she went on paint and had done something very terrible ,well she didn’t know because she was only 6 years old .

When they packed everything they were very soon on there way to the airport and when they put ther hey got on the plane it was time to fly to samoa and when we get there we can have a good look around and .

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The old man who planted corn

The old man who planted corn .

Once upon on a very hot summer day, there lived a man named paul and Rachel they had 4 older kids there names were Julia,Madison,Jake,Marcel and hey had grandparents who ‘s name were Sally and Mike .

Monday, 14 October 2013

Farm Animal Qeustions

Animal Qeustions.
1. Why do cows sit down when it is raining?

2. When s it a good time to farm?

3. Why a animals so important?

4.  Who might be the right person to farm?

5. Wich animal is the most inportant?

6. How do we know when to feed the animls?

7. Where could a farm b?

8. How long can farm animals live?

9. What kind of animal brings out milk that turns into cheese?