Friday, 31 August 2012

Paralympic games

The Paralympic games are just like the Olympic games but in the Paralympic games there a people who might not even have any arms or legs and also be in their wheelchair .

On August the 29 will be between the 9 of september for 11 days.

Paralympics are played on the 29 of August to the 9 of september for 11 days.There will be 20 different sports.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Best Cross Country Ever

After lunch on friday we lined up in front of room 18 and then Mr Burt  took the 9 year old girls and boys and they went to the reserve down by the beach and then we were on our way there with Mr S and he took the 10 year old girls and boys .

The 9 year old girls and boys went before the 10 year
old girls and boys. When they were running they flipped their feet towards their bottom’s and when they were running  in the muddy puddles on there way going to the bushwalk and I slipped over.

When I  nearly got to the end my shoe almost got stuck in the mud because my friend Christian and I was running with her.

The best part was when my foot almost got stuck in the mud.

Friday, 17 August 2012

The News and Nickwills

On the news last night they said that Nick wills actually got  a silver medal because the person  who came 1st was  actually taking steroids trying to get the gold medal. That happened with Valerie Adams and she got a gold medal too.Valerie Adams got a gold medal because Nadzeya was was caught taking steroids.

Nick Wills was  a  middle distance runner and he came 3rd but the person who came 1st had got disqualified because he was taking  steroids, so he got to have the silver.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Last night on the news

I think that Nadzeya was a cheater because she was actually taking drugs so that she can win a gold medal.
We know because they had a test that was for drugs and the Russian lady did not pass. Valerie Adams passed the test and she got the gold medal and person that came third place got the silver medal and then the 4th  person got the bronze medal.

The news said that the silver medal had now turned into gold.