Thursday, 21 September 2017

Accenture Hour of Code

Accenture Hour Of Code

A little bit about Accenture is basically a company where there's 147 industries around the world within 4,000 staff members around the world.

8'45 this morning, a few students of Tamaki College had to meet outside our school office so that the teacher we're leaving with to attend an trip out to Middleton Building in Auckland City. But before we had to go we’d had got into groups of 2, one group for Apps/Applications one group for Javascript.

As soon as we had got out of the Taxi vans which Mrs had hired for us 16 students so that us 16 students could go safely and make sure that we're all together.

Experiencing an opportunity of coding as well as meeting & greeting with a few people of Tupu Toa, which the company we didn’t know about but they introduced themselves to us about who they are and what they do in their Company. There were only like 2 staff members from their company that had came and told us about them, and a staff name Timoti Wharewaka had told us a little bit about his story and why he took technology & being apart of Tupu Toa.

And playing in the gaming room, experiencing the Virtual goggles, which was very very buzzing!!
They’d had given us free morning tea & snacks, some of us even had a coffee or cappuccino.


  1. I'm glad that you got a lot out of today's trip to Accenture. You definitely looked engaged in today's activities and worked well alongside Jahceal.

  2. Hey Alarzae,

    Great to have you at Accenture yesterday. I'm glad you enjoyed it and had the opportunity to see our games room!


    1. Hi Ash! Yeah thanks for spending almost a whole day with us, appreciate the day I/our class had with you, and thank you!