Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Godilocks and the three bears

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Goldilocks and the three bears

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I choose Goldilocks and the three bears because it is easy and it is a good story that people know and think of it and when people read it to ever.

About the morale in Goldilocks it is Never leave the house all opone .

Once upon a time there is  a girl named Goldilocks she lives near a large forest .Her mother told her to go and pick some flower for her ,and so she went of to go and pick some flowers for her mother . When she picked up a beautiful rose. She looked around and there was a cottage and the end of a very strange path , so she wondered if to that strange looking house that had three of everything .She peeked into the window and saw three bowls ,three chairs,three beds.When she looked inside the house she noticed 3 chairs, one was too hard. Then she tried the second one and it was too squishy. After that she tried the last one and it was perfect.By this stage Goldilocks was getting hungry, she saw 3 bowls of porridge on the table, so she tried the first bowl and it was too hot. Then she tried the second bowl and it was too cold. Finally she tried the last bowl and guess what? it was just right for her (not to hot and not to cold).
Then she was tired and went upstairs to have asleep .First she tried daddy bears bed and it was too big. Then she tried mummy bears bed and it was too soft.After that she tried baby bear bed and it was perfect too. So after she tried everything she soon went fast asleep .

The morale is never go into someone else’s Home.
I could see me in the story and my dog how act’s like  a fox  so  would relate it to my life.

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